Wednesday, August 29, 2012

six months

my wild man is six months {well as of last Thursday}! we just had his six month checkup today, he is 19 pounds, 2 ounces and 27 inches. Doctor said he's a big healthy boy and is very impressed with how active and busy he is :) 
here are a few other things that have been happening this past month:
- his first tooth came in a few days ago, with very little fussiness I might add, he's such a tough man. Doctor said he sees the other one trying to poke out so it shouldn't be too much longer for it
- he is SO close to crawling! he's got the right hand motions and the right knee motions, now he just has to put them together. Don't get me wrong... he still gets around quite well for not quite crawling yet... he's got the scooting and thrusting himself forward thing down to a T. The Doc said he's pretty advance for his age and that he'll be crawling in no time, I'm hoping he'll do it while Zach is still in town!
- he loves being out and about with us. where ever we go he's busy looking around, and smiling at everyone passing by. I love hearing people comment on how happy and how laid back he is :) he's the life of the party! {trouble for later I know}. the only down side to this is that he does not want to sit still in his high chair at restaurants... apparently he's missing out on too much if he's strapped down. 
- my new nickname for him is now Daredevil. He LOVES being thrown high in the air, likes wind in his face, loves being held upside down, and loves to rough house already. The other night we went on the Seattle ferris wheel with a few friends and his hands and forehead were glued to the window. He loved seeing everything from high up and had a huge smile on his face. 
-he constantly has his tongue sticking out, I'm thinking it feels good on his teeth coming in?? he never used to do it so it's just so funny and cute now!
- he likes watching Zach workout in the morning while listening to Metal music... also known as "Metal in the Mornings"
- loves his crib. I thought transitioning him from co-sleeping to crib would be rough, but NOPE! he wants nothing to do with our bed now and if he wakes up before me I'll wake up to him just chatting away to his stuffed animals and with a huge grin on his face {yes, we let him sleep with blankets and toys. gasp! how did we ever survive?!}

I still can't believe he's half a year old already, he'll be walking and talking before I know it! 


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

i can't believe Zach is letting me write about this...

the forehead kiss... still gives me butterflies.
a week ago i received the worst text {would have been a phone call but i don't answer numbers i don't know... lesson learned}. Zach was in the hospital. as in 107 degree body temperature, sedated with a breathing tube hospital. my heart literally sank. he had had a heat stroke after a morning run in NC. i remembered that last summer a few soldiers had died of the same thing so this was no joke. they were going to leave him sedated with the breathing tube for 24 hours, to say it was the longest day is an understatement. i felt completely helpless being across the country from him, the red cross was going to fly me out there but for some reason the paper work didn't go through fast enough. i wanted to be there so badly when he woke up. somehow i made it through the day rather well i think, i choked up a little on the phone with his mom and had a good bathroom cry session during Hunter's naps but other than that i put on my game face and tried to look semi-calm for the sake of our son. 

 the next day he was able to call after they had taken the breathing tube out and he had woken up. it took a few days but he was finally out of the ICU and then he was finally released from the hospital just yesterday. i think he was pretty lucky that he came out of this relatively unaffected {so far}. 
he's always been there for me all the crazy seven years we've known each other, i don't know what i'd do without him! he's the best thing to ever happen to me.

so for now a lot of his trainings are put on hold and he gets to come home for a few weeks to be with family and to recover a bit more. he will be here next week and i couldn't be happier. 

i love you like crazy babe and can't wait to see yoooouuuuu!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

to market, to market


friends. sun. bbq. jello shots. blue angels.

photos from the passanger seat

Hunter and I are officially back in Washington. after a three day cross country trip it feels good to start to settle back in to the Northwest life. Our move was a little rushed and a little chaotic, but we all survived. Pretty sure if Zach and I survived a cross country move with two big dogs and a baby, we can survive anything ;)

Well long story short; we left Thursday night at 9pm {when we had planned to leave in the morning... Zach had work issues... don't get me started}, stayed in hotels the first and second night, and then drove straight through the third. We arrived in WA late Sunday night and Zach flew back Monday afternoon. We are THE road warrior family.