Tuesday, December 11, 2012

the crafty beast: paint swirl ornaments

this was such a fun, easy project to do with the wild man... kept his attention and will make great gifts for the grandparents!
the ornaments are $0.99each at michaels {don't worry, they are plastic ;)}, and at the time i bought them they were an additional 50% off... i used paint i already had so this project was next to nothing!
...mix a little bit of water with the paint {makes it easier to swirl inside the ornament}
...pour desired amount of each color into each ornament
...cover the open tops with tape
...and let them have fun!
 ... a little unsure of it at first
... one thing i wish i had done was add a marble to each of the ornaments for sound to make them even more entertaining


... let dry upside down {to let the extra paint drip} over night
... once dry i added his initials and the year

Monday, December 10, 2012

tree hunt

it's official. i'm completely obsessed with tree farms. this weekend my family and i went up to trinity tree farm in issaquah to find my parents a christmas tree. although we didn't find one to cut down ourselves we still had a great time walking around the property. fresh pine trees, bonfire, gift shop, handmade wreaths, and free cider... what's not to love? 
now to figure out how to own one someday...



Friday, December 7, 2012

Thursday, December 6, 2012

faded film edit... yay or nay?

i've always been in love with the faded film look and i've been playing around with it off and on for a while now, even more so now that i have lightroom. i can't decide if i should transition the photos i take for others towards this look or keep it for my own personal memories. yay? nay?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

nine months... and my return to blogging

the nine month recap:
- he is 22 pounds, 29 inches... in the 75th percentile for both. perfect... bigger than most but not too big ;)
- he loves to walk around my parents house using his walker, he can get pretty fast at it too. it's pretty crazy seeing him walk, even if it is assisted, i thought the walking days would take forever to get too and they're pretty much here already! ah!
- he HAS to crawl with a toy in his hand. 90% of the time it's either a dog toy or a maraca. the maraca is nice because you always know where he's at and where he's going.
- he loves jumping in his crib and on couches. i usually wake up to the sound of his mattress springs...
- his latest trick is standing up by himself and balancing for a short while. he's even bent over to pick up a toy and returned to standing. this kid has balance! where he got that from i don't know... from what i hear, his dad was a pretty clumsy kid and even though i danced for years i still have my moments of clumsiness... i've got plenty of bruises and scars on my legs to prove that.
- he LOVES crawling up stairs, once upstairs he heads straight to the bathroom to bang his toy {that he crawled upstairs with of course} on the tub.
- he prefers to stand during baths now... so i spend most of the time constantly sitting him back down. he's also not afraid to take a dive in the water and doesn't seem to care if water gets in his eyes. grandpa is hoping for a future water skier ;)
- he has discovered opening and closing doors and thinks its pretty funny.
- his two top teeth should make their appearance any day now.
- his favorite finger foods include; spinach tortillini with meat sauce, chicken, these dried pea pod things, peas, and of course the Gerber puffs.
- he likes to play chase and peak a boo.
- he can figure out how to put his small cars on the tracks to make them go down. pretty impressive if you ask me! he has awesome hand coordination.
things to come:
- sleeping through the night, i've switched over his middle of the night bottle to just water so hopefully any day now!
- working on learning to wave 'hi' and 'bye'... usually he just stares at us all waving like we're idiots.
- backing up and sliding down the stairs. for now he just wants to go head first straight down... no fear. daredevil ;)
- meeting Santa! waiting for zach to get into town to take him for his first pictures... can't wait.

well hello old friend...

i swear i'll be back to blogging tomorrow... promise.
but for now... sleep.
good night loves.