Wednesday, October 31, 2012

a homemade halloween

 Happy Halloween! this year i spent entirely way too much time and thought into what/who Hunter should be for his first Halloween. every costume in the store was way too cutesy for a boy {in my opinion}, which was also our problem trying to decide on a theme for his room before he was born. no baby animals or disney characters for the Jelovich household! {well until he's old enough to pick them out on his own ;)} now, if i had a girl it would be a whole different story... cute baby animals, tiaras, headbands and bows overload! 

one day as we were playing, Wild Man pulled out a Spartan hat that his Grandma Jelovich gave him from Leavenworth and immediately the light bulb went off. a Spartan warrior! perfect. and i knew Zach would totally approve so even better. the whole costume was pretty easy to make and was about $10 total. the pleated skirt was made from felt {5 sheets for $1}, i hand sewed them onto a pair of brown pants that were too short but still fit him in the waist. the cape is made from an old t-shirt and sewn onto a plain white onesie from Old Navy {$6}. i had a hard time finding a plain hat {the hat from Grandma Jelovich is way too big still} so my mom just knitted one up one day with yarn she already had. i made the mohawk out of more felt and sewed it onto the hat. the shoes we already had and went perfectly. i made a shield out of cardboard covered in felt {felt = a moms best friend} but didn't like how it turned out. i was so excited that it turned out exactly how i had pictured it, minus the shield, and so far it's been a big hit! :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

isaac + joslynn {home sweet home}

Congratulations to my brother and sister-in-law on their first house together! I have to say I'm just a little bit jealous... one day i'll have my possesions {and husband} again ;)


8 months

our little linebacker is 8 months today! can't believe how fast time goes when you have a kid. here are a few highlights from the past month...

- he is still a crawling machine, a VERY fast crawling machine. and now he is pulling himself up on EVERYTHING; walls, furniture, toys, pant legs, you name it! i spend most of the day chasing after the beast and making sure he doesn't get into too much trouble. i can't imagine how exhausting he'll be once he starts walking and RUNNING. ugh. ;)
- and of course with the pulling himself up comes practicing his balance. he's balanced a few times by himself for short periods of time so it's only a matter of weeks probably till he can master that skill. 
- his new favorite toy is a dog collar with all the dog tags on it, especially when he sits and bangs it against the air vent. he also loves to speed crawl with it clenched in his fist, there is no letting that thing go... unless of course it's for the dog rope toy. {we have real kid toys for him i swear!}
- he's not too sure about finger food quite yet {no matter how hard i try, suggestions are welcomed!}, except for his Puffs... those he'll scarf down no problem. but veggies and fruits? no way.
- i dread having to change his diaper and get him dressed now. if i lay him down on his back it's like i'm poking him with needles... complete torture for him. so now i have to sit him on the floor, distract him with toys and chase after him trying to get his clothes on. he could be the spokes baby for Huggies 'Little Movers' no problem {that commercial is a summary of our life}
- he's very ticklish, especially his feet. and he has the best laugh when you get him going
- his second tooth came in about 2 weeks ago, which included a ton of drooling as usual
- he loves playing with other kids. we started doing a weekly story/music time at the library and now that its raining more i will start to take him to the indoor playground at Bellevue Square which he loves! he's defiantly mr. social and i love it!
- my favorite development this past month has been the start of him actually babbling {baba, dada, gaga, etc} while the yelling/singing he's been doing since day one has been "cute" i'm totally ready for a much more mellow "conversation" with him ;)

i can't wait to see what this next month with bring!

Friday, October 19, 2012

awkward and awesome thursday

- it's thursday already?!
- trying to take photos of a very busy almost 8 month old when all he wants to do is pick and eat grass
- my {on the small side} german shepherd taking up most of the room on the bed yet i still don't make her move
- the Cat in the Hat adventure song being permanently stuck in my head {you know you're a mom when...}

- getting an email from the owner at the cross fit gym i tried out saying how everyone was impressed with my squats. also having the vets say "you're scary flexible" {compared to my dance days it's rather sad but they don't know that ;)}
- having one of the Fort Bragg wives Facebook pages use a photo i took as their cover photo. it was for a friend's save the date wedding invites when we first moved to NC. guess i have to start thinking of a business name/watermark?!
- taking Hunter to story/music time at the library and meeting some nice moms with kids his age. play groups here we come. 
- dinner and drinks with two of my Jelovich sisters at Black Bottle. SO good!
- the very busy but fun weekend ahead. helping family move. best friends birthday in seattle. family photo session.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

the workout rut..

is no longer! sad to say but for the past few years i've been pretty much doing the same gym routine, the one Zach showed me when we first started dating SEVEN years ago {with a few new moves/machines thrown in every now and then}. while it always kept me in shape it never really challenged me, or i guess i never really challenged myself with it. i've lost most of the baby weight since having Hunter but the last few pounds and the toning have been a huge challenge for me. i was pretty stoked about signing back up for 24 hour fitness, it was the gym where Zach and I  would spend late nights in the beginning of our relationship, and it's the perfect gym that fits my crazy/unpredictable baby schedule, not to mention it has a great day care! but alas, i fell right back into the same old routine and i quickly became bored. i still went, but i was not pushing myself and i for sure wasn't seeing the results i was so determined to get. 

while Zach was in town on his last visit he convinced me to do a ladies night at a local Cross Fit gym, i loved it! my body was shaking on the way home and i felt sore for days after which i LOVE! but since Zach's job/orders are a little unpredictable right now {that's a whole other post, oi} we decided to hold off on me joining. once we figure out where we'll be i'm sure we'll both join one together. so it was back to 24. tonight was my first night back since Zach left on Monday and i wanted to try something new. back in NC i had taken TRX classes on base and i loved it, so i decided to try that again. i looked up a quick arm workout online and found a perfect one at Blogilates i was shaking after the first round... i was hooked! what's nice about TRX is that it's much easier on my knees than Cross Fit, my knees like to dislocate, i have very little cartiladge in one and two pins in the other from surgery, basically i have knees of an 70 year old ;) and if i keep up with TRX like i plan to hopefully i can strengthen my knees to prep them for when we do sign up for Cross Fit, cause lets face it, those women have bodies i'd kill for, i MUST do it! 

today was arms, tomorrow will be legs, then core {and of course my yoga classes two days a week}. i can't wait to start something new and start to see more results! i'll keep you posted on my progress. 
now if i can just walk away from the halloween candy...


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

zach's visit: as told through instagram

airport pickup. issaquah salmon days. watching fall appear. family time. hiking. movie nights. date night. cabin life. pumpkin patch. celebrating. airport drop off. 

miss him.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

awkward and awesome thursday

- trying to organize years worth of photos on my computer/hard drives in order to do a way over due cleaning... my poor computer... thank goodness for a Microsoft/computer genius Dad!
- the baby hairs that are finally growing back from my massive shed post baby. it was depressing how much fell out but these little tufts are out of control.
- admitting to my hair stylist about the cheap shampoo i use and my boxed hair dye days and then getting the "look". oops. 
- trying to think of awkward moments that happened this week... either there weren't that many or i didn't write them down quick enough... {again, the amount of lists i have to make now is ridiculous} 

- teaching Hunter to wave hi and bye
- taking a very intense yoga class with a hardcore instructor {the type that makes you face away from the mirror and just walks around correcting everyone} a few people even walked out of her class {of course she called them out on it as they were leaving}. i didn't receive any corrections the whole time. boom. i still got it ;)
- it's the season of corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and hay rides. 
- my new RED hair. i'm in LOVE. thank you Karlisa at Sozo!
- Zach flies in TONIGHT. can't. wait.
- the sunsets that have been happening on my way to the gym. it's become my new tradition to stop at the city hall to watch the sun go down. the perfect end to a usually exhausting day ;)


the original awkward and awesome thursday . for some reason i can't get her button to work.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

such a mom post...

i've never been much of a baby book reader, i started to read one book about raising babies while i was pregnant with the Wild Man but overall it just made me paranoid of all the "what if's" and made me even more scared of having a little person's life in my hands. so far i've been a big believer in reading my own child's behavior than having a book tell me what to do/expect next. however, tonight i picked up one of the books my sister let me borrow; 'What to Expect the First Year'. i started to read the chapter about what to expect in the seventh month and came to realize that Hunter had already hit most of the milestones they mentioned plus more. first i felt pretty proud of my little man, but then the selfish part of me felt sad, that he's growing up too fast. even coming home from the gym tonight and looking at him asleep in his crib he looked bigger than what i remembered. it seems like only yesterday he was this little stationary baby that slept most of the day... now he's this big, on the move, never wanting to stop BOY. the next thing i know he'll be saying mama and running up to me for a big hug. then dating. then driving. then going to college... it's so surreal. i still can't get over it. i still can't believe i get to watch this little man grow up. 

i guess the whole point of this is post is to say that it is true what they say, they up grow up SO fast. it's only been seven months and i'm already saying it...

love you my little linebacker/beast/crazy man/daredevil... can't wait to see what you discover next!