Thursday, June 28, 2012

my love of spinach

Spinach Hamburgers
...egg whites

Monday, June 25, 2012

patiently waiting...

Lola waiting...

ugh. the military. Zach's plane landed at 4pm on Fort Bragg {20 minutes from our house}... it is now 8:30pm and he's still not home. apparently they are waiting for some of their equipment to be unloaded...
hurry up and wait... oh the military life. 


Sunday, June 24, 2012

cocoa perfection

... the rain is falling outside
... the ac is set to a chilly 75 degrees
... and I found cinnamon marshmallows in the pantry. CINNAMON MARSHMALLOWS.  
need I say more?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

cameron james

thank you alanna and dennis for letting me practice some newborn photography on sweet Cam! Congrats on your new addition, he's so sweet! 
{and get ready to hear "look at all that hair!" all. the. time}

four months

It's no joke when they say kids grow up too fast, my little man is FOUR MONTHS already! Time to start planning his first birthday party! {I still can't believe I have a kid}.

a few highlights from the month:

- after countless attempts he finally rolled from his back to his tummy {while we were in Seattle at my parents :)}... and now it's none. stop. rolling. 
- he likes to be thrown in the air, which turns out to be an arm workout for me. win win. 
- Lola is pretty hilarious, whenever he sees her its huge grins and  laughs. I'm being replaced as the funniest thing to him by a dog. womp womp. 
- The drooling NEVER ends. I'm afraid it could be early teething?? eek.
- I love watching him look at toys and then reach for them. his hand, eye, mouth coordination is getting pretty impressive :)
- He would rather "stand" than be in any other position. those thigh rolls are all muscle apparently.
- I've got him in a nice nighttime routine, and pretty easily I might add. Which is why I'm back to blogging, more free time for mama!

a few things to come in the next month:

- rice cereal. please no judgement. we think he's ready for it. to each his own ;) {and of course I'll run it past our doctor} {we also co-sleep, and he sleeps on his stomach all the time... we're baby "rule" breakers in this house ;)}
- moving his crib into our bedroom. since our master is on the bottom floor and we hardly use the upstairs it just makes sense. if he was older it wouldn't be such a problem, but it just seems so far away if he's up there by himself. So much for putting all that work into his cute nursery.   
- hopefully his first camping trip?! 


Friday, June 22, 2012

cheers to you single mamas

It sounds a little sad but with Zach being gone so often I've gotten quite used to it being just Hunter and I {and two dogs of course}. at first when Zach would leave for trainings it would be really hard on me and my heart hurt the instant he left. Now, three weeks of him being away is nothing, easy even. Not that I don't miss him but it's just become the norm for us {again, it sounds sad but its the army way of life}.

I've gotten quite good on keeping up with housework, running errands, paying bills, taking care of two VERY needy dogs, and of course keeping my little man happy, healthy, and thriving. Most days go pretty smoothly but the hard days make me realize how lucky I am to know that soon Zach will be back to help me out. I now have a HUGE appreciation for the moms out there that do this year round by themselves, pretty sure I'd go crazy if I had to {just ask Zach about some of my crazy lady texts on the bad days ;)}. It's definitely not an easy job being a mom, and being without your other half and away from family makes it even harder, but when I see those bright eyes and a huge smile on my little man's face I know that even the worst day is worth it. I just keep reminding myself that God wouldn't  put me in a position He didn't think I could handle.

So cheers to all you single mamas, you amaze me.

four month recap...

I'm back! and I have a baby! 

a lot has changed since my last post {obviously}. I love this new adventure Zach and I are on, Hunter is the best thing ever {and the cutest, don't you think?}. So here's to new stories and new memories to share with you all!