Thursday, January 24, 2013

11 months

uhm... what? since when did this happen?
i can't believe he'll be one next month, i thought it would take forever for that day to get here and now it's just around the corner.
here's a few highlights from the past month...
- about two weeks ago he started taking steps here and there... nowadays he's walking laps around the house none stop! it's still so wierd to me to see this little man walking! he's so big now!
- and of course while he's walking he must be holding onto one/two/three of his toys. lately it's been his toy cars {one in one hand and two in the other}
- he thinks the words 'no' and 'ouch' are funny no matter how sternly i say them. if i tell him no he'll just look at me smile and go right back to doing what i told him not to do. same with 'ouch', he'll just laugh at me. trouble.
- lately he has to through all or most of his toys out of his small toy boxes that are located around the house. it's so funny to see him head first in the bins and just tossing toys behind him. i guess the kid knows what he wants ;)
- every morning we watch Sesame Street, Cat in The Hat, and Super Why. whenever he hears the Super Why song he looks up smiling and starts dancing, love it.
- he has his eyes set on the cute waitress down at our local cafe. my family are pretty much regulars there for weekend breakfast so we usually have the same waitress everytime, bree. he lights up and smiles and watches her every move when he sees her. the other day he wasn't feeling so good and was pretty tired/grumpy but as soon as she came around it was all smiles and laughs. apparently he likes the older ladies
- he loves our dog lola more and more it seems like. he gets so excited in the mornings to see her and loves to "pet" her {aka pull on her fur :/ ... i'm working on teaching him gentle pets} she's such a good mama with him though and lets him pull and crawl on her, if she gets annoyed she doesn't growl she'll just "talk" at him and walk away. i'm so happy she's so patient with him.
- he's starting to eat from the kid's menu at restuarants {which i'm loving! less stuff to pack}. last night it was grilled cheese and broccoli and milk. it was his first time drinking through a straw as well.
things to come:
- his FIRST birthday party! we are doing 'Where the Wild Things Are' theme. i'm pretty excited about how it's all coming together. hopefully i'll be able to do a post of what i have done so far.
- and VERY exciting news... Zach will be able to make it for the party! he'll be here for two weeks and i couldn't be happier. so glad he'll be able to be a part of this big day.

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  1. I found your blog through a series of blog-hopping... very cute! Your little boy reminds me of my own. Hope you dont mind if I follow you!